Pre-order Bonuses

When you pre-order Multipliers, Revised and Updated on Amazon, you get access to:

  • Two Invite-only Webinars with Multipliers Author Liz Wiseman.
    These webinars will showcase some of the new learnings gathered over the last 7 years of study.

    • “Dealing with Diminishing Bosses” on May 18th

    • “Creating Intelligence Culture” on June 6th

  • New resources, tools, and experiments not found in the book.
    Previously only available in Multiplier executive workshops, these bonus materials will slingshot your understanding of how to become a Multiplier and give you concrete steps to  deal with Diminishers in the workplace.


How to Pre-Order the Book



Pre-order Multipliers, Revised and Updated on Amazon.


Send an email with a proof of purchase to <Multipliers email>


Receive confirmation email with bonus materials and a Live Webinar reservation.