Get concrete insights for dealing with Diminishers in the workplace from
seven years of research, interviews, and surveys. You’ll discover:

How to Deal with a Bad Boss (Without Getting Fired).

We’ve all had experience with two dramatically different types of leaders. Those who inspire us, and those drain our intelligence, energy, and capability. Unfortunately many people are stuck working for the latter. In Multipliers, Revised and Updated we share 5 concrete strategies for dealing with diminishing bosses.

How to Identify the Accidental Diminisher in You

Are you, despite best intentions, having a diminishing impact on the people you lead? The majority of diminishing in our workplaces is done by Accidental Diminishers—well-intentioned managers who don’t realize their attempts to help, teach, or lead by example are hindering their team. In Multipliers,  Revised and Updated we’ll help you gain a better understanding of how to be an effective leader, and how you can apply its themes to reach success in your own life.


How to Create a Multiplier Culture

The mission to rid the world of bad bosses starts with you. The world's leading companies are splicing an "Intelligence Culture" directly into their DNA. In Multipliers, Revised and Updated, we’ll show how you can build a multiplier culture around you.


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